Basses & guitars

I like bringing the right bass for the right occasion. I love a good Jazz bass and believe they are the ultimate versatile bass, so I got myself some 😉

Fender Jazz Bass (1966)
Fender Jazz Bass (1970)
Fender Precision Bass (1971)
Fender Custom Shop ’63 Jazz Bass
Fender Justin Meldal-Johnson Mustang
Fender Standard Jazz Bass fretless
Belgrado Z-lectro 4
Lakland Joe Osborn (2005)
De Gier Bebop 5 (hand built for me by Sander de Gier)
De Gier Soulmate (hand built for me by Sander de Gier)
Blade B2 Tetra Bass
Sterling by Music Man SR34 (with fretless Boekholt neck)
Sadowsky MetroExpress JJ5
Höfner Club Bass Ignition SE
Yamaha BB N5II

Whenever it’s necessary I also love to bring my Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer to shows. From 70’s lows to 2000’s high leads, this machine can do it!

I am a proud endorser of German amp manufacturer Eich. I use their T-500 head and 112XS cabinets.
I also own a vintage Acoustic 118 that I’ll bring for the right occasion.

Fender American Performer Telecaster
1959 Höfner 457
Eastman E2OM