I’ve worked with many artists and have been fortunate to record my parts on these records:

Young & Rocking – Live @ Musis Sacrum
De Pubi’s – Live @ Jong Goed
NONA – Pretty Talks
NONA – Leafless
NONA – Long Way/Over
Gut Zum Bafbaf – RecknaQ/Elevator Music
Kees Ligtelijn – EP
Gras – Vliegtuig van Papier
Feyo – Understatements
The Royal Engineers – Hey Sister!
Andy – City Love
The Odyssey – Memories of a Long Forgotten Kingdom
We Found Nemo – demo
XLJazz – Omnivore
XLJazz – Martian World
XLJazz – Martian Club
Martin Fondse Project ft. Morais – Talismã
Sugar & Spice – Promo demo
J-Stars – Honderd!
Belker – Geen Toerist Meer

XLJazz ft. Ramón Valle – Harry Bo (comp. Eric Vloeimans)

The Odyssey – The Journey

The Odyssey – The Pact

Compact Concert Club – Zacht en Opgewekt (comp. Joop van Erven)

Gut Zum BafBaf – RecknaQ, The Cat From Outer Space

Martin Fondse Project ft. Morais – Talismã

Andy – Traces (choir arranged and conducted by me!)

XLJazz ft. Ramón Valle – Y Si Volviera

NONA – Over