Bass guitar lessons

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I love teaching bass to other people! That’s what this page is for. I teach to all ages and all levels, and you can also come to me when it concerns fretless, basses with more (or less!) than 4 strings, different ways of playing and all styles imaginable!

My bass lessons take place every  Monday  at JC Enter in Houten, and every Tuesday at Boog19 in Amsterdam. Send me an e-mail for more information!

30 min                     €17,50
45 min                     €25,-
60 min                     €30,-

*Be aware: when you’re older than 21, 21% VAT is added.

Don’t have a bass yet? No problem! You can rent one from me for only €20,- a month.

Apart from teaching bass, I also work as a music teacher at the Amstelveen College in Amstelveen and the Pieter Nieuwland College in Amsterdam, and I teach guitar for the Muziekschool Amsterdam and Aslan Wereldmuziekschool.