Basses & guitars

I like bringing the right bass for the right occasion. I love a good Jazz bass and believe they are the ultimate versatile bass, so I got myself some 😉

Fender Jazz Bass (1966)
Fender Jazz Bass (1970)
Fender Precision Bass (1971)
Fender Justin Meldal-Johnson Mustang
Fender Standard Jazz Bass fretless
Belgrado Z-lectro 4
Lakland Joe Osborn (2005)
De Gier Bebop 5 (hand built for me by Sander de Gier)
De Gier Soulmate (hand built for me by Sander de Gier)
Blade B2 Tetra Bass
Yamaha TRB5-IIF
Sterling by Music Man SR34 (with fretless Boekholt neck)
Sadowsky MetroExpress JJ5
Höfner Club Bass Ignition SE
Yamaha BB N5II

Whenever it’s necessary I also love to bring my Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer to shows. From 70’s lows to 2000’s high leads, this machine can do it!

I am a proud endorser of German amp manufacturer Eich. I use their T-500 head and 112XS cabinets.

Fender American Performer Telecaster
1959 Höfner 457
Eastman E2OM